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How can you make people feel enough confident to buy from your business? Understanding the psychology of customer acquisition is essential for any business looking to grow. To do this, brands not only need to create memorable experiences that leave a good impression of what’s available. But also, businesses should focus on psychological tricks that would help them engage more deeply in each stage along the customer journey.

The purpose of this article is to help businesses understand the symptoms that make people want to buy products or services at certain exact moments. We are going to analyze the customer journey stages and how consumers go from being completely unaware of your product, to feeling enough confidence to choose you. For this part, we are going to provide essential psychological tricks that will help you attract,engage, and sell while your potential customers become loyal and get delighted with your brand!

What is the customer journey?

The customer journey is a series of steps a person takes when they first purchase something. Understanding this process can help businesses identify potential clients in the buying cycle, their desires and needs, and how best to offer solutions that your brand can solve. This could be reached out through content-based strategies on the stage where those customers currently stand from awareness

To start, businesses need to know that there are two kinds of potential clients in the world. The ones that evaluate every decision with exhausting research and consideration, and those who guide their purchases by an impulse and only need a split second to decide. The journey to a decision is full of options to solve these problems. No matter which side is your customer in, your business must adopt paths suitable for all types of clients. 

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Happy customer journey

Why is it important for your business to understand your customer journey?

This might be a hard pill to swallow, but the customer journey isn’t just about your business. Imagine that you are a dentist, and a potential customer is having a toothache. Of course, you can solve the problem, nevertheless that doesn’t mean they are on their way to hiring your services. First is important to understand that the consumer has total control of choices, but you can guide them to the next stage of the customer journey and position your brand as the solution they are looking for. 

Psychological tricks to attract a potential customer


You can’t start a conversation with your customers without first knowing where they’re coming from. The initial stage of every customer journey is called “awareness.” 

The awareness stage is the initial contact a buyer experiences with your product or service. This can set up expectations for what you offer in-store or online, which can create either frustration or satisfaction depending on how quickly you are able to deal with your client’s concerns. To build a deeper relationship during this stage you can start using the following psychological tricks:

  • Create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your selling channels so that clients can be able to open up about their problems without feeling self conscious or judged
  • Ask, ask, and ask! Constant evaluation will help people feel that you care 
  • Inbound! Using value content in touchpoints like ads, social media, blog posts, videos, influencers, etc., will guide the customer to trust your brand


The consideration stage of the customer journey is where consumers look at different options to see which one fits them best. They often compare ratings and reviews, and comparison charts with friends or family members who share similar beliefs about products. During this stage, you can guide your potential clients to find that investing in your business is worth their money by using these psychological tricks:

  • Share testimonials, this will give off more emotional response than any other method
  • Live streaming videos where viewers can ask questions freely will make them feel safe with your brand
  • Mouth-to-mouth recommendations and thoughts leaders who share similar beliefs about products will make people feel closer to the brand and engage

Purchase / Decision 

Once the consumer has evaluated their options is time to compare sellers. The decision-making process starts when potential buyers evaluate their options and choose which one, they prefer best. This may involve comparing features as well as looking at price points or other aspects that contribute towards satisfaction with your purchase (such things as free shipping!). To stand out in the decision stage you can benefit from the following psychological tricks:

  • Call your customer to action! Include where to buy buttons on your product page and ads, this is also called user experience (UX) and can be a huge differentiator
  • Display pricing and rating, by providing a list you reduce the likelihood that they’ll bounce around between competitors


The customer journey starts with a sale and continues long after. To retain your clients and convert them into loyal customers, you need to provide an outstanding servicethat is worth coming back for. Sometimes this means going above and beyond what they might expect from other companies in your market space! Remember this psychological trick to earn loyalty during a post-sale strategy:

  • Make your customers feel like they really, truly belong, and that your job is to take care of their needs. This could be through follow-up emails and packaging.As well as accessibility to reward programs and exclusive benefits

Activate customers to advocate for your brand

Company values are the heart of any successful business. After all, without a strong foundation, it would be impossible to build a company that lasts. And while there are many values that can contribute to a business’s success, one of the most important is putting customers first. By making customer success and satisfaction a core value, businesses can create an environment in which advocates are born. This could be achieved through personalized experience screated specifically for those who are loyal. After all, happy customers are more likely to say great things about your products or services. And when it comes to winning advocacy, there’s no substitute for word-of-mouth marketing from satisfied customers.

No matter if your brand has the perfect solution for a potential customer, the fact is it must provide paths to purchase that accommodate all shopper types. Speaking to your consumers’ needs and supporting their customer journey with helpful content will help trust in your product. When customers feel confident about the choices they make, they are more likely to trust you as abrand and return in the future. 

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