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Empowering Your Digital Success.

UXStrive aims to support entrepreneurs who want to have visible results for their business & discover new and creative ways to do so. We use Revops to create a united experience between sales, marketing and operations. We audit your customer journey, define and align the right content for your customer delight. Built workflow to connect and align your team to create stable growth.

UXStrive was create because the founder saw a lot of disfunctions between sales and marketing team. Our mission is to align and help entrepreneur strive in the marketplace. We truly believe that UXUI and Revops methodology, combined with the right tech stack can you achieve your team’s goals.

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Our Values

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Accountability is key, if we want to make a project or a organization work. We are responsible for our actions, behaviors, performance and decisions.

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Commitment to Customers

We treat our customers, the same way we want to be treated. It means with fairness and utmost standards.

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Being open to learn about each other, your teammate, your spouse; helps relationships grow. It helps with customer relationship and being more empathic.

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Continuous Learning

To keep your edge. You need to read a book, learning about craft everyday help built a great company, and enrich our customer’s relationship.

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Leadership shapes people, entrepreneur, families. Leadership shapes our work life.

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The integrity of our team is connected to the other qualities mentioned. Integrity also means acting according to our contract or our word (we practice what they preach) and acknowledge our mistakes.