Transforming Lead Generation for Couvreur GP

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Transforming Lead Generation for Couvreur GP

Industry: Roofing Services


Couvreur GP, a leading roofing service provider, faced challenges in generating a steady stream of high-quality leads to keep their team busy in the field. They needed a comprehensive solution to attract, manage, and convert leads effectively to grow their business.


A multifaceted digital marketing and automation strategy was implemented to address these challenges, focusing on creating a sales funnel, launching Google Ads campaigns, and integrating advanced AI and CRM technologies.

Actions Taken:

Funnel Creation:

Developed a customized sales funnel to guide prospects from initial contact to conversion.

Optimized landing pages with compelling content and strong calls to action to maximize conversion rates.

Google Ads Campaigns:

Executed targeted Google Ads campaigns to drive relevant traffic to the website.

Continuously refined ad performance through A/B testing and advanced targeting options to improve click-through rates and conversions.

CRM Integration (MKTHUB):

Implemented MKTHUB CRM to streamline lead management and improve tracking and follow-up processes.

Automated lead generation and management with AI technologies.

AI-Powered Automation:

Deployed an AI bot to respond to and categorize leads promptly, ensuring no lead is overlooked.

Automated the sending of personalized text messages and emails to nurture leads and keep them engaged.

QuickBooks Integration:

Integrated the CRM with QuickBooks to streamline financial processes, ensuring seamless invoicing and accounting.


Lead Generation: Generated 86 prospects since the beginning of the year.

Deal Closures: Successfully closed 50 new deals, reflecting a 159% increase in closed deals.

Efficiency: The AI bot ensured prompt responses and accurate categorization of leads, improving the efficiency of lead management.

Engagement: Automated text messages and emails enhanced lead engagement, contributing to higher conversion rates.

Financial Integration: QuickBooks integration simplified financial management, allowing the team to focus more on core business activities.


By implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, integrating advanced AI and CRM technologies, and optimizing financial processes, Couvreur GP significantly improved their lead generation and conversion rates. The successful automation of lead management and engagement processes has ensured a steady flow of quality leads and increased business growth.

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