Building a Strong Community Presence for SCHN and OBNL

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Building a Strong Community Presence for SCHN and OBNL

Client: SCHN and OBNL | Industry: Nonprofit Housing


SCHN and OBNL needed to enhance their community presence and attract visitors to their website. Additionally, they aimed to secure funding for a new housing project in Montreal by organizing a significant PR event and inviting key stakeholders, including ministers and deputies.


A two-pronged strategy was implemented: designing a brand-new website to attract and engage visitors, and executing a targeted email campaign to ensure the success of the PR event.

Actions Taken:

Website Redesign:

Developed a modern, user-friendly website to reflect the mission and impact of SCHN and OBNL.

Enhanced UX/UI to ensure easy navigation and access to information about projects, events, and donation opportunities.

Incorporated high-quality images, videos, and success stories to engage visitors and showcase the organization’s impact on the community.

Implemented SEO best practices to improve search engine visibility and attract more organic traffic.

Email Campaign for PR Event:

Created a targeted email campaign to invite ministers, deputies, and other key stakeholders to the big PR event.

Personalized email content to highlight the importance of the event and the potential impact of the new housing project.

Utilized compelling subject lines and engaging visuals to increase open and click-through rates.

Followed up with attendees through automated email sequences to maintain engagement and ensure their presence at the event.


Increased Website Traffic: The new website attracted 200% more visitors within the first three months of launch, significantly raising awareness about SCHN and OBNL’s initiatives.

High Engagement Rates: The email campaign achieved a 60% open rate and a 40% click-through rate, indicating strong interest and engagement from the targeted stakeholders.

Successful PR Event: The event saw a high turnout of ministers, deputies, and community leaders, leading to significant media coverage and increased visibility.

Secured Funding: As a direct result of the successful PR event, SCHN and OBNL secured the necessary funds to construct a new housing project in Montreal, demonstrating the effectiveness of the combined website and email campaign efforts.


By designing a new, engaging website and executing a successful email campaign for the PR event, SCHN and OBNL significantly enhanced their community presence and secured crucial funding for a new housing project. These efforts have positioned the organizations as leading voices in the nonprofit housing sector and demonstrated their impact on the community.

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