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Create a optimize landing page for manufacturing company

About the client:

ASYTEC is a plastic manufacturing leader with locations in China and France. The Chinese factory employs 100 people in production and support roles, while the French office consists of 3 individuals.

Our B2B plastic manufacturing company, ASYTEC, has a website at We recently created a landing page at for a Google Ads campaign, but the customer was not satisfied with the page and wanted a more professional and conversion-friendly version. As our audience is solely French-speaking, we need a landing page that effectively communicates our message to this audience. We’re looking for an experienced landing page designer who can recommend and install a plugin on our WordPress platform to create a landing page template that can be used to generate future landing pages. We need someone who has a proven track record in creating successful landing pages that convert.

Services Rendered

Using Figma, UXStrive created low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes to test and refine the website’s structure, content, and navigation. The wireframes and prototypes were used to obtain feedback from stakeholders and end-users, leading to iterative improvements in the design.

  1. UI Design: Based on the wireframes and prototypes, UXStrive created a visually appealing design that incorporated Asytec’s brand identity. The design was created to ensure consistency across different devices, screen sizes, and browsers.
  2. Implementation: Using WordPress, UXStrive implemented the design, ensuring that it was responsive and optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). WordPress allowed for easy content management, ensuring that the website was up-to-date and relevant to users.
  3. Testing and Launch: UXStrive conducted user testing to ensure that the website was easy to use, functional, and met Asytec’s business objectives. Once all issues were resolved, the website was launched, making it available to the public.


Through this process, UXStrive used user-centric design with UX/UI and Figma to help Asytec create a website that resonated with its target audience while achieving its business objectives. The result was a visually appealing, easy-to-use, and functional website that helped Asytec increase engagement and achieve its marketing goals.

Results :

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